Russian Winter Festival 2008

The fourth annual Russian Winter Festival saw the biggest audience turn out on record and put the event as key to London’s top cultural offerings. Thousands upon thousands of people, statistically varied in age and ethnic background, both Londoners and non-Londoners, flocked to London’s iconic centre to enjoy a full day of fun, free entertainment and a taste of Russian delights, both literally and metaphorically.


Thanks to the RWF Official Carrier, BMI, which transported on their Moscow-London route the acts of 2008 – on 13th January, London experienced a new and refreshing line-up of Russia’s stage prowess, carefully selected from a quite remarkable talent pool. Seeking to unite the young with the old; the future with the past; the east with the west, the Russian Winter Festival looked far a field for the creative spirit it brought to London. It held open arms to the varieties of culture, language and style to be found within the vast land mass of the Russian Federation, sure in the conviction that they would enthrall the London audience with their diversity of spirit and expression, just as their predecessors had done in the last three years.


Events of this scale involve a huge army of dedicated staff: hostesses, security guards, sound engineers, video directors, lighting effects specialists, chefs, photographers – and the success of the event is down to each and every person in Eventica’s project team for a project which received huge positive feedback from the client and guests alike.