Mercury Snow Polo Cup 2008

For the fifth year running, the Mercury Snow Polo Cup took place at the Otrada Equestrian Centre in Moscow on 16–17 February 2008. Organised by the Russian Polo Club, Eventica and Underground PRO, the title Partner of the tournament was Mercury, the leading Russian luxury goods house.


The Mercury Snow Polo Cup, in its jubilee year, was marked by classic Russia weather: on both days of the event the temperature struggled to go above -15 degrees. The severe conditions did not, however, put off the guests and participants who thronged to the Otrada Equestian Centre: for the fifth time, the event was host to prominent figures from politics, business and Moscow’s social scene who gathered to take part in this most traditional and glamorous of sporting occasions.


The Mercury Snow Polo Cup has now fully established itself amongst the ranks of the top-tier international winter polo events alongside Aspen (USA), Kitzbühl (Austria), Megeve (France), St. Moritz (Switzerland) and Cortina (Italy). Moscow can now join this elite list.


It is only fitting that the Title Sponsor of such a prestigious event should be a company that embodies luxury and style in Russia. Mercury, founded in 1993, is a specialist luxury sector retailer and a respected Russian partner of some of the world’s most iconic luxury brands. Currently, Mercury is the market leader in Moscow in the luxury goods sector, whilst at the same time developing its own distribution network throughout Russia’s major cities.