Barbados Promotion

Eventica ran a programme of activation events to support its client, the Barbados Tourism Authority, in Russia. The programme, which was targeted at the travel industry, included presentations and receptions with key newsmakers from Barbados, and culminated with a sailing regatta which gave some colourful exposure to this upmarket destination brand.


Friday 2 July, representatives of leading Russian travel companies gathered for a special evening reception with Robert Keysselitz, the Barbados Tourism Authority’s Vice President – Europe, to discuss how best to promote Barbados in the Russian market. The reception, part of the BTA’s first ever full continental Europe marketing campaign, truly launched the island in Russia.

“I am delighted to be in Russia to meet with our industry partners and show how serious Barbados is about Russia,” Mr Keysselitz said. “Russia is a new market for Barbados but one with great potential. We are confident that Barbados will be an increasingly popular choice for Russians, especially as the island is a wonderful safe and family friendly destination.”

Participation of a Barbadian team in the Mildberry Moscow Regatta took place on Sunday 1 August at the Royal Yacht Club, Moscow. The event brought together sailing enthusiasts, Russian celebrities and socialites, as well as leading journalists and representatives of the Russian travel industry.