Athlete Engagement Spaces, Sochi Winter Olympics

Project management, branding and Russia – three things that Eventica specialises in – all came together in winter 2014 as we successfully completed a major client project on behalf of the International Olympic Committee across three Olympic sites at Sochi 2014.


Our challenge was to produce, deliver and build branded IOC athlete engagement spaces in the principal athlete ‘villages’ in the Olympic Park on the Black Sea coast and in the mountain venues. The project put us at the centre of the action during the thrilling two-and-a-half week long festival of winter sport.

Logistics planning is important for everything that we do, and in the case of Sochi 2014 a meticulously planned logistical programme was central to the successful operation of the project. In partnership with our client and with the Sochi 2014 Organising Committee we are proud to have coordinated this complex assignment – and to have played a role in a spectacular Winter Olympics.