We help you engage with remote audiences effectively – creating the maximum impact online.

Selecting the most effective channel mix to meet our clients’ objectives, we develop a bespoke digital ecosystem for each project. In order to hold the attention of our audience, we adapt our core story-telling expertise to the specifics social media, employing viral marketing techniques and visual creativity. Core competencies in our Digital team includes web and mobile development, which allow us to build complete toolsets to achieve the most effective implementation of our online strategies. Eventica Digital's capabilities include:


Our strategists work with clients to adapt their business and marketing goals to the specificity of each social channel in particular providing seamless and powerful communication.

Research & Insight

We drive behaviour change by getting the brands closer to the audience's needs and motivations, using a range of online and offline tools.

Measurement & Analytics

In order to drive business results, we apply measurement frameworks that allow tracking and optimizing campaigns on-the-go, therefore improving the overall performance of brand communications.


We create ideas that are communicated seamlessly across the channel mix available to the brand, achieving an emotional response from our target audience.

Influencer Engagement

We've been working with celebrities and influencers for over two decade, transferring our expertise in opinion leader endorsement into the digital sphere.

Photography & Video

Visual content is king - we provide high quality imagery for our clients via still photography, motion graphics, animation and video.