The Naked Heart Foundation was founded by Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova to raise funds to build children’s playgrounds throughout Russia. Eventica was commissioned to devise a charity event of unprecedented scale – a party the like of which had never been seen before on Russia.


In order to inspire the world’s media to cover the event, called the Love Ball, and in order to convince the A-list celebrity guests we had invited to give generously to the Naked Heart Foundation, we knew that we had to create an event which would go beyond all expectations.

We secured the use of one of Moscow’s most exclusive locations, the Tsaritsino Palace Estate – a beautiful Catherine the Great-era palace which had never before been used for a private event.

In this stunning location, we built a completely new palace – out of 220 tonnes of ice. Working with experts from around the world, including ice carvers, lighting specialists, sound engineers and interior designers, we created a Russian winter fairytale fit for our celebrity guests.

Eventica was responsible for all aspects of the Love Ball, from initial conception to design, production and management.


  • - over $6 million for the Naked Heart Foundation – making it the most successful charity event in Russia’s recent history
  • - global media coverage building huge international awareness of the Naked Heart Foundation brand
  • - Endorsement of a high profile list of international celebrity guests